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Nudge Coffee Snacks unveils: Coffee Bars in collaboration with Kroger stores

Coffee lovers would love to know that their favorite beverage is now available in a bar format. Miami-based Nudge Coffee Snacks collaborated with leading grocery retailer Kroger to launch two unique products into the market: Coffee Bombs and Coffee Bars.

These two products are edible coffee snacks that offer consumers a unique way to get their “caffeine boost”. They are prepared using 100% Arabica ground coffee, cocoa butter and other simple ingredients.

Tom Ferguson, the CEO of The Whole Coffee Company, the parent company for Nudge commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Kroger and bring our coffee snacks brand, Nudge, to their stores. With the world-class service Kroger provides to millions of their customers, we are excited and humbled for Nudge to be a delicious, healthy, and energized solution in their stores.”

Nudge is a coffee-specific company that offers only coffee snacks that are also healthy. Kroger is one of the leading food retailers globally.

About the products:

Coffee Bars: 

– Come in three flavors: Colombian Reserve, Brazilian Reserve, and Italian Roast.

– “Creamy and rich coffee in the form of a bar.”

– Have only 2g sugar per serving, keto-friendly, palm oil free, gluten-free, soy and peanut free, no preservatives and non-GMO.

Coffee Bombs: 

– Come in four flavors: Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Latte, Brazilian Reserve, and Colombian Reserve. 

– “Delicious coffee treat with a crunchy outer shell and creamy center.”

– Have only 3g sugar per serving, keto-friendly, palm oil free, no preservatives and non-GMO.

What makes these Nudge coffee snacks great?

  • Healthier choice: They are created using 100% naturally sourced Arabica coffee. They are rich in antioxidants and fiber. They also contain 50-90% less sugar than other chocolate brands.
  • Their vision: To combat the problem of the increasing landfills created by non-recyclable coffee cups, Nudge envisions that “coffee lovers are liberated from the cup and leave behind nothing but love for our planet.” They also ensure none of the coffee grounds ends up in a landfill.

Concluding thoughts:

  • Nudge offers consumers a better option while snacking. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, this unique snack is a better alternative. Not only is it low on sugar, but also gives you a caffeine boost. 
  • Nudge’s dream to reduce waste caused by coffee cups is impeccable.
  • The Nudge Coffee Bars and Coffee Bombs are currently available in over 2,000 Kroger stores across the U.S, as well as online on the Eat Nudge website.







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