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Dil Foods: Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry with Virtual Operations

Explore the journey of Arpita Aditi, founder of Dil Foods, as she revolutionizes the restaurant industry. Learn how her innovative virtual restaurant operations help struggling restaurants increase profits, deliver standardized, hygienic food, and optimize their unit economics. Dive into the details of her successful pitch on Shark Tank India and the growth of Dil Foods.

Decoding the 2024-25 Indian Budget: A New Dawn for the Food Industry and Tech Innovation

Explore the impact of the 2024-2025 Indian Budget on the food industry and food tech. Discover how subsidies, market integration, and a focus on innovation are set to shape the future of food tech in India. This blog post provides a deep dive into the budget’s key highlights and their implications for the food sector.

A Sweet Success for The Cinnamon Kitchen

Explore the journey of The Cinnamon Kitchen, a unique food startup featured in Shark Tank India Season 3. Discover their innovative approach to healthy, plant-based bakery products and delve into the details of their successful pitch. Learn about the investors’ responses, the final deal, and the promising future of this budding enterprise.

FSSAI Streamlines Food Safety Regulations for Enhanced Business Environment

In a significant move towards enhancing India’s business environment and food safety standards, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has made key amendments in its 43rd meeting. Guided by the principle of ‘One Nation, One Commodity, One Regulator’, these changes aim to simplify regulations and streamline certification processes. Dive into our blog post to understand these changes and their impact on the Indian food industry.