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Mondelez launches eight non-HFSS products

On 9th August 2022, the world’s leading snack manufacturer Mondelez International introduced eight non-HFSS products. Non-HFSS denotes not being high in Fat, Salt or Sugar. 

The launch is targeted at countries across the UK and Ireland. It is a part of their plan for “Mindful Snacking”.

The snacks include some of their well-loved brands such as belVita, Maynards Bassetts, Cadbury Drinking chocolate and The Natural Confectionery Company.

The UK Managing Director of Mondelez International stated, “I’m proud of the non-HFSS ranges that we are developing in categories such as biscuits, confectionery and drinking chocolate. This is a result of a significant amount of work and investments that we have made to find opportunities to innovate and reformulate products so that we can give consumers more choices.

“As custodians of some of the UK’s most beloved and iconic brands, we need to carefully balance the journey towards more non-HFSS products, alongside the need to meet the expectations of our consumers, we want to ensure we don’t compromise on taste or quality. This remains a complex challenge for the industry and one which requires ongoing partnership with the Government.”

Mondelez International is functional in over 150 countries around the globe. They manufacture some of the most iconic chocolates and snacks such as Oreo, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Toblerone, Sour Patch Kids, etc.

Why is it beneficial to reduce fats, sugars and salt from their diets?

Reducing the amount of total fat to less than 30% of total energy intake can help avoid weight gain. Also, reducing fats to less than 10% can reduce the risk of various diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, etc.

Salt consumption should be less than 5g per day (recommended level). People consume excess salt (high in sodium), but not enough potassium. This can lead to the risk of heart disease and stroke. Processed foods have very high amounts of salts hence should be avoided.

Added sugars found in candies, snacks and beverages can contribute to the risk of tooth decay, and obesity, among other health problems. Adults and children should reduce added sugar to less than 10% of total energy intake.

About the products:

Mondelez is set to launch new belVita Soft Bakes Apricot Filled, an extension to their existing non-HFSS product Soft Bakes Strawberry Filled. These will be available in the UK and Ireland from mid-August.

A new belVita Fruit Crunch range, with two variants- Apple and Pear with 30% less sugar and 70% less saturated fat and Raisin and Currant with 70% less saturated fat compared to the sweet adult biscuits. These bars are under 100kcal per biscuit and would be available in the UK and Ireland from September.

Their iconic candy brands Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Juicies, Maynards Bassetts Sports Mix Juicies and The Natural Confectionery Co. Juicy Snakes will now have 30% less sugar. They will contain fruit juices, natural colours and flavours, and no compromise on taste. These will be available in the UK from mid-August.

Mondelez is also set to reformulate their well-loved Cadbury Drinking Chocolate and Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate with an improved nutritional profile.

Concluding thoughts:

Mondelez International has a great R&D team that can bring a revolution to snacking choices. Consumers are now aware of the pros and cons of consuming foods high in fats, sugars and salts. Such products give consumers a better choice when choosing their snacks, without compromising on the taste.








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