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Heinz launches “Spoon Friez”, a unique take on the classic French fries

On 13th July 2022, condiment company Heinz launched a new product called “Spoon Friez”. The day was especially noteworthy as it is celebrated as “French Fry Day”. 

Spoon Friez are just like French fries, except they are shaped like spoons. They were designed to pair well with the Heinz condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise. The reason for the launch stated by the company was; “If you have ever been ‘friestrated’, you’re not alone”. “Thankfully, the remedy to not being able to achieve a decent dollop of sauce on your fries is here, thanks to our condiment connoisseurs.” 

Heinz is an American company that has been the producer of condiments for nearly 150 years. The sauces they offer include Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise and BBQ sauce.

The Spoon Friez is only available in the UK and will subsequently be released globally. In the UK, it is only available as a part of a contest.

Conceptualization of Spoon Friez: 

Research conducted by Heinz illustrated that 95% of people won’t eat fries without a sauce to pair with them. Also, about 84% of people complained of being unable to get the correct chip-to-ketchup ratio.

To solve the plight of fries-lovers, Heinz came up with “Spoon Friez”. They come in a pack of seven and constitute potatoes, just like the classic French fries. Due to their unique shape, they can deliver just the right amount of condiment on the fry.

Final thoughts:

This product is unique in its way. French fry lovers all over the world would appreciate this creation by Heinz. We hope they launch it worldwide, as it is only available in the UK.

Reference: https://hypebeast.com/2022/7/heinz-spoon-friez-national-french-fry-day-info







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