A brewery in East Germany has developed the world’s first powdered beer. This water-soluble beer powder/granulate might be a turning point for the carbon footprint of beer exports because sustainability is a top priority for all manufacturers. 

The powder was created by Neuzeller Klosterbräu, a German brewery with over 500 years of experience, and it can be used for making beer the same way as instant coffee or protein shakes.

Beer aficionados may now just add a few spoonfuls of the beer powder to a glass of water, swirl it thoroughly, and then sip on their favourite beverage.

Stefan Fritsche, general manager of the brewery, claims that the technology might lower shipping weight by 90% by getting rid of the excess weight caused by glass and water.

The general manager of the brewer, stated, “We have calculated that, if we now relate this to Germany, we can save about 3 to 5 per cent of the CO2 emissions for Germany alone. And if you take a look at it internationally, we could save around 0.5 per cent of global CO2 emissions.”

The powder now produces a non-alcoholic beverage, but Mr Fritsche said an alcoholic version would be ready shortly. He believes that the powder will be exported internationally. In around three months, he said, “We plan to have everything ready. After that, we’re looking for investors and partners who want to launch a business with us.”

On the other hand, Mr Fritsche asserted that there are still over 40 other alcoholic drinks being developed, in addition to the present ginger beer, cherry beer, and anti-ageing beer formulations.

A bath beer formulation is also in pipeline for consumers to take a bath in.”At the moment, we make 42 different types of beer, including gluten-free and non-alcoholic options.”

This product is the first product of its sort in the world and is unique from other powdered beers since it is carbonated. The product has the potential to be an unexpected and breakthrough advance.




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