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Mirinda Unveils Bold New Look with ‘No Flavour Like Your Flavour’

Mirinda, the fruit-flavored carbonated soft drink brand, has launched its powerful new global brand platform with a playful new visual identity system that celebrates creativity and uniqueness in all generations. With the bold new look, Mirinda aims to provide the much-needed spark of inspiration that Gen Z is craving. The brand’s new direction and global tagline “No Flavour Like Your Flavour” celebrates and embraces vibrant creators who express their creativity and bring their authenticity both in real life and online.

Coinciding with the launch, Mirinda has given a striking new visual identity called “Making an M-pact”, which was developed by PepsiCo Design and Innovation to ignite creativity. The new visual identity features playful color palettes, twirling spheres, fizzing bubbles, and zesty fruit illustrations, conveying a sense of playfulness and energy throughout. Each of the brand’s 50+ irresistible fruit flavors will be given a corresponding color palette, each with their own vivid, contrasting colorways.

The new visual identity will be visible on all Mirinda cans, merchandise, advertisements, retail displays, digital media, and anywhere else you find Mirinda across its 200 markets. Mirinda’s new global brand platform and visual identity system aim to inspire vibrant creativity and encourage Gen Z to harness their uniqueness as a superpower.

Alongside the new brand platform and visual identity system, Mirinda is committed to inspiring better choices for its consumers by offering reduced sugar alternatives. The brand has successfully launched its Zero Sugar Orange flavor in both Poland and Nigeria and will continue to expand its low and no sugar portfolio internationally. Mirinda’s new visual identity will be rolled out across the leading 20 international markets from May 2023, with many featuring their native languages on the cans.

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