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Marico Soya Burji

Marico introduces “Soya Bhurji”

Are you bored consuming the old Anda or Paneer Bhurji? Are you looking for a different masaledar option to satisfy your bhurji cravings? Look no further, as the new Saffola Soya Bhurji has got you covered!

Recently, due to the new wave of plant-based protein options, Marico, Saffola’s parent company launched a “Soya Bhurji”, expanding their plant-based protein category.

Previously, Saffola had launched its first plant-based product- Meal Maker Soya Chunks.

Saffola’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) commented, “Saffola has become a mainstay in the Indian healthy snacking market. With the plant-based protein phenomenon growing rapidly in India and consumers seeking healthy protein-rich convenient options, our latest innovation will become a go-to snack for them.”

Marico is one of India’s top consumer companies in the beauty and wellness areas. Saffola is one of the many brands by Marico. It focuses mainly on “Heart Healthy Foods”.

About the product:

A single-serve pack weighs 35 gms.

It specifically contains 12.6 gm of protein per serving. 

It is available in one flavor- Magic Masala.

The packet claims that it is ready to serve in 5 mins. It just needs water to be added.

Lastly a pack of Saffola Soya Bhurji costs Rs.15.

Concluding thoughts:

The product is currently available in Mumbai, Delhi and West Bengal. It will soon be available in the rest of the country.

With the rising demand for plant-based foods among Indian consumers, an affordable and quick solution by Saffola is a boon for the market. 

The Indian consumer is evidently accustomed to Indian flavors, so this is suitable for the Indian palate.







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