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Licious Vegan Meat Brand

Licious enters Plant-based meat market with: UnCrave

Recently, leading Indian D2C fresh meat company Licious launched their new plant-based venture- UnCrave. There are two plant-based meats available under this launch.

With the rising popularity of plant-based meats in India, this endeavour by Licious is sure to be a hit among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. 

Simeran Bhasin, Business Head of Licious stated, “Licious is the only Indian company to house both animal and alternative protein under one roof. We have been able to achieve this because we have always kept our consumers as our biggest priority.”

The company has spent over two years developing this brand with a consumer-focused R&D process. She also commented, “UnCrave is very similar to the story of the mother brand. No precedence of the quality standard existed that we could copy. Hence, the two-year-long investment in research and development.”

Since the plant-based market in India is just in the nascent phase, the company’s launch will surely bring the concept of plant-based alternatives into the limelight.

Simeran added, “Today, plant-based alternatives are relevant to those who have turned vegan and are actively understanding their food choices. But a large part of India is still not familiar with this category, So, we have taken the onus on ourselves to establish it across India.”

Licious is a Bangalore-based food company known for its fresh and raw ready-to-eat meat and meat products. The company aims to emerge as India’s most-loved meat food brand, offering premium quality products.

About the Products

The two products launched under UnCrave are chick~n and mutt~n seekh kebabs. The kebabs have no Trans Fat, artificial preservatives or MSG.

They are protein-packed with all the flavours and spices, without compromising on the taste. The company claims that the chick~n and mutt~n seekh kebabs taste exactly like their meat counterparts. 

They are priced at Rs. 349 for 4 pieces. The company is also offering a single-serve pack for Rs.99.

The products have a shelf life of 12-14 days.

Currently, the chick~n and mutt~n seekh kebabs are only available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Final thoughts:

As there is a demand for plant-based meat in India, companies such as Licious are offering consumers a superior choice. The meat alternatives cater to the Indian palate while being nutritious, making it easier for consumers to switch to plant-based alternatives.







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