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Image of a green twist and spread butter stick on a vibrant yellow background with blue swirls. The text ‘ID Fresh: Butter Stick. Morning made hassle-free for you.

iD Fresh Launches the Twist and Spread Butter Stick for Effortless Breakfasts.

Experience a breakfast revolution with iD Fresh's innovative Twist & Spread Butter Stick. Say goodbye to morning hassles as this perfect blend of butter and iodized salt, wrapped in a convenient twist design, transforms your routine. Discover simplicity and taste at just Rs. 69 for 50g in major markets.


iD Fresh Food is a private Indian food manufacturing and processing company founded in 2005. P. C. Mustafa, Shamsudeen T. K., Abdul Nazer, Jafar T. K., and Noushad T. D. are the owners of iD Fresh Food. Food safety, quality, and nutrition are the main concerns of the company. Speed, simplicity, authenticity, and integrity are the key factors on which they focus, from food production to the distribution of food products to consumers.


Image of a green cylindrical container labeled ‘iD Twist and Spread Butter Stick’ and ‘PASTEURIZED BUTTER’ with a net quantity of 50g, set against a yellow background.

Twist and Spread Butter Stick is an innovative food product launched by iD Fresh. Glue stick design is the inspiration behind the innovation of twist and spread butter stick. It was launched to solve the issue of morning hassle in the preparation of breakfast. This product makes spreading the butter easy and simple. It helps to save time and effort in preparing breakfast. Butter and iodized salt are the ingredients used to prepare butter sticks. It should be stored in a refrigerator. The product is sold at Rs. 69 for 50 grammes in all major key markets.

Directions to use:

Step-by-step instructions for using the ID Fresh Butter Stick: First, leave the butter stick outside for 20 minutes to soften. Next, remove the top lid of the stick. Then, twist the bottom knob clockwise to reveal the butter. Apply the butter to your bread. Finally, wipe the top of the stick clean after use.
Image of a nutritional facts label in orange and white, displaying information on energy, protein, fat, cholesterol, sodium, and vitamin A. The label also lists the amounts of saturated fatty acid, trans fatty acid, and cholesterol.


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