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Contract Manufacturing & Private Label Expo 2023: CASMB and CECL sign an MoU

CMPL (Contract Manufacturing & Private Label) Expo is India’s largest marketplace for sourcing contract manufacturing and private label suppliers. The expo has established itself as Asia’s leading platform for sourcing FMCG’s own brands. Its goal is to provide a venue for brands to locate packaging partners, raw material suppliers, and contract manufacturers all under one roof. It connects merchants, direct-to-consumer brands, contract manufacturers, suppliers of ingredients and raw materials, FMCG brand owners, speciality shops, pharmacy chains, exporters, packaging suppliers, and other market players. 

The exhibition was developed by Vicky Menezes and Minesh Lodaya with the goal of offering a single platform with all available options for contract manufacturing. It has successfully built an ecosystem to engage and boost business prospects for all stakeholders on a unified platform.. 12000+ trade attendees and 350+ exhibitors are scheduled to attend the 2023 edition.

The Chamber for Advancement of Small and Medium Businesses (CASMB) was founded in March 2021 to promote small and medium enterprises in India. From the inaugural edition of CMPL, CASMB has been a committed partner. As a result, CASMB has chosen to exhibit a special pavilion at CMPL 2023 to promote micro and small enterprises. Even if they frequently have the necessary items and the ability to manufacture them, micro and small firms require additional links to trade customers. CASMB accurately recognised this, which inspired them to take the initiative to build a distinct block at “CMPL 2023” with the help of CECL(CMPL Expo Connect LLP. By facilitating their contract manufacturing services to trade customers, they will be able to boost the chances of their business expanding.

India is a popular place for international companies and nations to invest in , and “CMPL 2023” is a platform for foreign trade offices to highlight their advantages and establish “Win-Win” relationships with Indian partners.

For “CMPL 2023,” CECL and CASMB have agreed upon a contract to increase productivity for enterprises. The Jio Convention Centre in BKC, Mumbai, will host the expo from May 4–5, 2023, with a 90% repeat rate. The founder, Vicky Menezes, is optimistic that the expo will be a tremendous success.

According to CASMB President Nilesh Lele, CMPL is one of the trustworthy platforms to help MSMEs in contract manufacturing, and CASMB has partnered with national and international organisations to do so.

Amod Ashok Salgaonkar, who has experience in contemporary commerce, cash & carry, sustainability, ESG, export & import, and other sectors, is a key member of Vicky, Minesh, and Nilesh’s excellent team. As a result, they may focus on various niches, fresh ideas, and concepts without straying from their goals.





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