Too Yumm is the first brand of Guiltfree Industries Limited (GIL), which was established under the R. P. Sanjiv Goenka group in Kolkata in 2017. Based on consumer preferences and the market survey, they chose snacks as their product. It is an Indian fast-moving consumer goods industry that focuses on the production of healthier and guilt-free snacks. The core values of Too Yumm are sustainability, execution excellence, agility, risk-taking, customer preferences, credibility, and humaneness, which make the food industry distinct from others. Potato chips, karare, multigrain chips, veggie stix, rings, potato stix, and namkeen are the different products offered by Too Yumm. These products are available at reasonable prices on the market. Too Yumm focuses heavily on the nutritional aspects of products, such as low-calorie foods, through the reduction of trans-fat. They sell the products through different stores and e-commerce sites in the market.

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Naagin is an Indian food manufacturing company established by Arjun Rastogi in Mumbai in 2018. It evolved as a solution to provide better food with the combination of history and passion of Indian spices. Naagin is distinct from other industries due to the originality, quality, and value of its products. Hot sauce, pantry essentials, spice essentials, and combos are the products offered by Naagin. The unique taste, versatility, and high quality attract consumers to the products. Naagin’s products are prepared from real, premium-quality, locally produced ingredients and are 100% vegan. Based on consumer preferences, their products are available in different quantities at reasonable prices. These products are available for customers through e-commerce and different stores in India.


Too Yumm has announced a fiery collaboration with Naagin sauce through ‘Bhoot Chips’ as the food product. Bhoot chips are a spicy and tasty snack produced by Too Yumm and Naagin in 2023. It is a food product prepared from naagin sauce and bhut jolokia. Bhut jolokia is Indian name of the ghost pepper, which is one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world. Bhut jolokia, or ghost pepper, is a hybrid of Capsicum chinense and Capsicum frutescens. The high quality, versatility, and unique taste of naagin sauce, along with the yumminess, make bhoot chips rich in taste, value, and quality. Bhoot chips are an attractive and tasty product, particularly for children and youth in the market. It was introduced to the market by brand ambassadors Varun Dhawan and K. L. Rahul, who shared their experiences with the food product. Bhoot chips provide taste, aroma, and spice in every bite of the product. These aspects make the product stand out from other snack products. The packaging and reasonable price also attract consumers to boot chips. Bhoot chips are a must-try food product that serves the palate of Indian spices in every bite of the food. 

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